PEEK CF is a PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) reinforced with carbon fiber 3D printer filament with exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance qualities. The stiffness and compressive strength properties of 3D printed items are considerably improved by the carbon fibers found in PEEK CF filament. PEEK CF filament is suited for 3D printing parts that can withstand continuous service temperatures of up to 250°C and short-term service temperatures of up to 280°C.


  • Short term service temperature of 270°C (during lifetime max. 200h)
  • Heat deflection temperature of 270°C
  • Very high strength and stiffness (also in Z-direction)
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Non flammable
  • Exceptional chemical resistance properties

PEEK CF is a 3D printer filament that may be used to produce parts in place of metal and composite ones that are utilized in many different industries. Industrial 3D printing applications in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, medical, oil & gas, energy, marine, and automotive, are made possible by this carbon fiber reinforced PEEK filament. PEEK CF filament is appropriate for 3D printing chemically and hydrolytically resistant parts, dynamically stressed parts, non-flammable parts, and applications that call for inherent flame resistance with minimal smoke and low poisonous gas emissions.

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