Industrial 3D Printer Cases

Implantation Research in 3D Printing PEEK Material

HEC started on an research on using PEEK material as a substitute for titanium used for implantation.  Out of many 3D printers from different companies, they choose MAGIC-HT-L from IEMAI 3D as the most suitable printer for this research and development project.

First Clinical Case Of 3D Printed PEEK Clavicle Implantation

PEEK has been used to replace titanium as the material for the bone implant. In this case study 3D printed PEEK bone had been used for Clavicle Implantation and  the result is well performed.  

Due to the restriction of temperature and pressure, 3D Printed PEEK material is used to replace the traditional method of making shoe soles. Out of surprise, this method can greatly improve the efficiency of mold development.

SME 3D Printing Services Company Making Profits Through IEMAI 3D High Temperature Printers​

During the epidemic days, many SME are under downstream due to the uncertainty of resuming work. However, with the help of IEMAI 3D’s High Temperature, one of the company managed to survive and earn some profit during these days.

New Technology For Interior Design Using 3D Printing By IEMAI 3D

With the help of 3D Printing Technology, Interior design has opened up a new creative mode. Designer need not need to be limited by the traditional method, they can open up their mind and design more creative decoration for their customers

3D Printed Mannequin In Original Scale Printed In 52 Hours, Creating A New Marketing Mode

With the help of 3D Printing Technology, Marketing in retailed has changed in a big way. Mannequin is used as an example to explain this innovation.

3D Printed Rehabilitation Orthopedic Insole

In today, 3D Printing technology has been applied into medical field, this is a case studies on an user’s feet. With the assist of physician and technician, they managed to print out an insole to allow the user not to suffer from uncomfortable shoes

3D Printing Medical Application Laboratory In University

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has setup a new laboratory for the student and applied 3D printing technology in the medicine field

Full-Process Customized Total Knee Replacement Surgery Using 3D Printing

IEMAI 3D assists orthopedic physicians to complete full-process customized total knee replacement surgery. The doctors based on the patient’s symptom to determine the model of prosthesis and other stuff.  After planning, the lesion model and surgical guide is made by IEMAI 3D printer MAGIC-HT-PRO.

3D Printed Beak Is On "Maibao"

3D printed faked beak is implanted on the crested ibis after its lower beak is broke after a fight for mate. The treatment is done perfectly and it can haunt food for itself.

Open A New Furniture Design:
Pellet 3D Printer

IEMAI 3D and Polymaker assists designer Zhang JianXiang to realize his chair design using pellet 3D printer which opens a new era in furniture design. Making use of the layers and infill of 3D printed chair to express out the beauty of 3D printing

New Method Applied In Mannequin

With the help of 3D Printing Technology, the traditional way of making a mannequin has slowly been replaced. 3D printer brings a new concept to the field, it reduces the time and cost spent to make a mannequin. Designer can easily redesign the model and avoid material wastage.

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