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IEMAI3D EXPERT is our own slicer tool with rich-features which contained all the things you need for printing the best  prototype with your IEMAI3D printers.

Simple User Interface

Some open-source software on market is diffcult to use, user need to understand what every features stands for and how it affect the prototype quality and surface finish.

Our Slicer will allow the user to have an excellent experience without the need of much knowledge and able to print good prototypes.

Fast And Detailed Surface Finishing

In our slicer, you can choose the parameter of the supports  for each nozzle separately such as the support shapes, angles and where the supports begins.

Apart from that, you can set the layer height for each region of the model,which allow you to save more time in  regions that required lesser detail and printing detailed at those required parts.

Post Process Setup

In our own Slicer, you can choose a post-process setting in it, such as colour changed at specific region. The printer will stop and changed extruder/ filament  to continue printing with different colour.

User may also write their own G-code for other process during  printing. 

Support All Materials

We have most of the common filament profiles in the market, with simple click the most suitable printing parameters will be tuned for you. 

Apart from that, it also have the printing parameters for high-performance materials which is tough to print as not only extruder temperature need to be considered but also heat bed and chamber temperature; thus our Slicer will provide you the mosy suitable solutions.

Choose Your Own Supports

Sometimes, you might find the generated supports not suitable for your model or the system feels that in certain region support is not required. 

In IEMAI 3D EXPERT, you can choose the region to generate supports and even the shapes of support at each region.

More Features

Multiple Languages

Cooperate Of Solube Supports Printing

Copy & Paste Function

Auto Arrangement

Why Choose Our Printer?

  • High Extruder Temperature To Support Most Of The High-Performance Materials In Market
  • Quick Detachable Extruder Allow User To Have Simple Maintenance
  • Support Printing Of Soluble Materials 
  • Built-In Moisture-Proof Cabinet To Store/Bake Filament While Printing
  • Large Print Bed Allows More Options For Users
  • Excellent Heated Chamber

     Provide High And Uniform Temperature When Printing High-Performance Materials    

     Great Layer Adhesion 

     High Mechanical Strength

     Low Mechanical Stress

     Low Warping/Cracking

Interest In Our High-Temperature / Industrial-Grade 3D Printer , Feel Free To Contact Us
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