The growing of 3D printing technology has been applied in many field such as  aerospace industries. With the advantage of light weighted and easy printing, it allow engineers to design more complex design with lighter weight and maintain the same strength


Automotive industry had brought in 3D printing technology, with a 3D printer they could print the spare parts when needed. Manufactures can now provide longer term product support, thereby extending the product life cycle. Engineers also  greatly reduce the time spent on producing on parts thereby greatly increase the efficiency on R&D. 


With the advance development of 3D printing technology, the traditional manufacturing methods is slowly replaced by it. With 3D printing, the surgical guide,  prothesis  and some pre-operative AIDS can be easily design and produced at a low cost.

Jigs And Fixtures

Manufacturing companies start to bring in 3D printing technology to produce fixtures, as to reduce the costs and improve productivity.

Education And Research

3D printing has slowly come into laboratory,scientist can make use of 3D printing technology to do research on different materials or also test on structure which greatly reduces the time spent on R&D. 


With the help of 3D printing, it allows the companies set up their own in-house production line, which allow them to get their prototype assemble quickly and reduce cost in third-party supply chain.

Rapid Prototyping

In the today fast moving world, companies are finding new technology that can produce out the parts at its fastest speed.  3D printing comes to place, it allow designer to print out the design in few hours time and reprint after simple tweaking in software which greatly improve the production of new prototype.


The light weighted 3D printing material can now be used as a choice for construction design.  It allow designer to print complex design without high cost required which traditional method unable to achieve it.


Traditional mannequin required weeks or even months to craft out. In the production time, process such as cutting, milling… is required which required skilled craft man to do. Therefore end up with high cost, with the new 3D printing technology, we can print teh mannequin in few days time and no other process required.

Large-Format Exhibition

3D printing has been widely used in art sculpture, the use of 3D printing allows designer to print sculpture in high precision and at a low cost. It can print prototype drawn by modelling software and even scanned object.   

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