Build Volume:1000×1000×1000 mm

Printing Temperature: Max 300°C

Hot Bed Temperature:Max 120°C

Chamber Temperature : Max 60°C

Filament Box Temperature::Max 60°C


Engineering: PC,PA,ASA,ABS,TPU,PETG,PLA etc

Support:E-Water,E-Remove etc

Temperature System

Printing Temperature:Max 300℃

Hot Bed Temperature:Max 120℃,Vacuum Adsorption,FR4 Plate/Polymer Membrane

Chamber Temperature:Max 60℃

Filament Box Temperature:Max 60℃

Temperature Secure Function:Temperature PID Auto Tuning,Temperature Stability ±2℃

Material System

1.75mm Diameter 3D Printing Filament(Thermoplastic)

Composite:CF-PC,CF-PA,GF-PA,CF-ABS,CF-ASA,CF-PETG,CF-PLA etc,Dimensional Accuracy 100mm±0.15mm

Engineering:PC,PA,ASA,ABS,TPU,PETG,PLA etc,Dimensional Accuracy 100mm±0.15mm

Support:E-Water,E-Remove etc

Extrusion System

Printing Speed:Max 150mm/s


Flow:16.5mm³/s(0.6mm Nozzle,100mm/s Speed,Under Condition of PLA Printing)

Cooling Method:Air Cooling

Nozzle Quantity:2 Nozzle Modular,IDEX Individual Motion

Nozzle Size:0.6mm(Standard)/0.4mm(Optional)

Nozzle Material:Copper Alloy(Pure Materials)/Hardened Steel(Fiber Reinforced Materials)

Recommended Layer Thickness:0.05-0.3mm

Motion Hardware

XYZ Axis Motor:High Torque Stepper Motor

XY Axis Transmission:Linear Guide & Synchronize Belt

Z Axis Transmission:Rod Guide & Ball Screw

Positioning Accuracy:X/Y:5.86μm Z:1.56μm

Main Control Hardware

Screen:10.1In Color Touch Screen

Screen Resolution Ratio:1280x800Px

Flash Memory:1GB

Internal Memory:16GB

Motion Control Chip:STM32 ARM Cortex M4 168 MHz

Logic Control Chip:H3 ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.6GHz

Software Functionality

Slicing Software:IEMAI 3D EXPERT,CURA,S3D,Prusa,OrcaSlicer

Feature Functionality:

Power Failure Recovery, Filament Detection, Automatic Leveling, Automatic Switch-Off, Material Feeders Synchronize Control, Dual Nozzle IDEX Left Right Individual Motion, Dual Nozzle XYZ Distance Calibration, Automatic Cleaning Nozzle, Vacuum Adsorption Platform, Temperature PID Auto Tuning, Cloud Remote OTA

Machine Operating System:Linux

Data Transmission:Ethernet,USB,WIFI

Cloud Monitor and Control(1 Account for 1 Year Free,Renewal Annually USD 150)

Local Network Transmission and Control(Applicable to Confidentiality Enterprises,USD 980 Permanently Authorize 3 Accounts,USD 120 for Each Additional Account)

Motion Control Firmware:Optimized Firmware Based On Marlin 2nd Development

File Formats:STL,OBJ,3MF etc

Operating System:Windows10/11 64 Bit

Size and Weight

Build Volume:1000*1000*1000mm

Machine Size:1890*1450*1600mm

Package Size:2050*1545*1790mm

Net Weight:700KG

Gross Weight:780KG

Electric Parameter

Brand:Mean Well

Power Supply:220V±10% 50-60Hz Max Power 6200W

24 Hrs Average Power Consumption:3KW/H(ABS Printing) 0.5KW/H(PLA Printing)

Packing List

Machine,Tool Kits,Start-Up Material Sets,Spare Parts,Slicing Software(Free)

YM-NT-1000 is specially designed for engineering plastic, with a temperature of 300 °C extruder temperature and 120 °C
hot bed temperature, it is able to support most of the plastic on the market. It had a modular mechanism on the
extruder which allow it to have simple maintenance and able to equip large-flow print extruder for massive print.

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