Build Volume:750×750×750 mm

Printing Temperature: Max 300°C

Hot Bed Temperature:Max 120°C

Chamber Temperature : Max 60°C

Filament Box Temperature::Max 60°C


Engineering: PC,PA,ASA,ABS,TPU,PETG,PLA etc

Support:E-Water,E-Remove etc

Temperature System

Printing Temperature:Max 300℃

Hot Bed Temperature:Max 120℃,Vacuum Adsorption,Glass Platform

Chamber Temperature:Max 60℃ 

Filament Box Temperature:Max 60℃

Temperature Secure Function:Temperature PID Auto Tuning,Temperature Stability ±2℃

Material System

1.75mm Diameter 3D Printing Filament(Thermoplastic)

Composite:CF-PC,CF-PA,GF-PA,CF-ABS,CF-ASA,CF-PETG,CF-PLA etc,Dimensional Accuracy 100mm±0.15mm

Engineering:PC,PA,ASA,ABS,TPU,PETG,PLA etc,Dimensional Accuracy 100mm±0.15mm

Support:E-Water,E-Remove etc

Extrusion System

Printing Speed:Max 150mm/s


Flow:16.5mm³/s(0.6mm Nozzle,100mm/s Speed,Under Condition of PLA Printing)

Nozzle Quantity:2 Nozzle Modular,IDEX Individual Motion

Cooling Method:Air Cooling

Nozzle Size:0.6mm(Standard)/0.4mm(Optional)

Nozzle Material:Copper Alloy(Pure Materials)/Hardened Steel(Fiber Reinforced Materials)

Recommended Layer Thickness:0.05-0.3mm

Motion Hardware

XYZ Axis Motor:High Torque Stepper Motor

XY Axis Transmission:Linear Guide & Synchronize Belt

Z Axis Transmission:Rod Guide & Ball Screw

Positioning Accuracy:X/Y:5.86μm Z:1.56μm

Main Control Hardware

Screen:10.1In Color Touch Screen

Screen Resolution Ratio:1280x800Px

Flash Memory:1GB

Internal Memory:16GB

Motion Control Chip:STM32 ARM Cortex M4 168 MHz

Logic Control Chip:H3 ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.6GHz

Software Functionality

Slicing Software:IEMAI 3D EXPERT,CURA,S3D,Prusa,OrcaSlicer

Feature Functionality:Power Failure Recovery,Filament Detection,Automatic Leveling,Automatic Switch-Off,Material Feeders Synchronize Control,Dual Nozzle IDEX Left Right Individual Motion,Dual Nozzle XYZ Distance Calibration,
Automatic Cleaning Nozzle,Vacuum Adsorption Platform,Temperature PID Auto Tuning,Cloud Remote OTA

File Formats:STL,OBJ,3MF etc

Data Transmission:Ethernet,USB,WIFI

Operating System:Windows10/11 64 Bits

Cloud Monitor and Control(1 Account for 1 Year Free,Renewal Annually USD 150)

Local Network Transmission and Control

Applicable to Confidentiality Enterprises,USD 980 Permanently Authorize 3 Accounts,USD 120 for Each Additional Account

Machine Operating System:Linux

Motion Control Firmware:Optimized Firmware Based On Marlin 2nd Development


Size and Weight

Build Volume:750*750*750mm

Machine Size:1642*1110*1320mm

Package Size:1800*1300*1550mm

Net Weight:400KG

Gross Weight:480KG

Electric Parameter

Brand:Mean Well

Power Supply:220V±10% 50-60Hz Max Power 4500W

24 Hrs Average Power Consumption:2.2KW/H(ABS Printing) 0.5KW/H(PLA Printing)

Packing List

Machine,Tool Kits,Start-Up Material Sets,Spare Parts,Slicing Software(Free)

YM-NT-750 is specially designed for engineering plastic, with a temperature of 300 °C extruder temperature and 120 °C
hot bed temperature, it is able to support most of the plastic on the market. It had a modular mechanism on the
extruder which allow it to have simple maintenance and able to equip large-flow print extruder for massive print.

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