Specialized 3D Printer

IEMAI 3D Specialized Series

Designed for External Fixator and Channel Letter.

These printers are all open-filament, open-source.

They create excellent and specialized conditions to do great printing.

Immediate External Fixator
3D Printing Solution

– Scan within 5 minutes

– Design within 5 minutes

– Printing within 15 minutes

– Post processing within 10 minutes

YM AUTO 800 For Channel Letter

Printing Temperature:275℃

Hotbed Temperature:80℃

Printing Size:800×800×100 mm

High speed extruder, Power Failure Recovery, Filament Absent Warning,UV Curing

Manual Glue Filling, Automatic Shutdown After Printing

How External Fixator 3D Printed?

How Channel Letter Printer Works?

These Specialized Printers will provide you with excellent performance to print External Fixator and Channel Letter.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose the most appropriate printer.

If you need some professional advice, please feel free to contact us.

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