PEEK with carbon fiber reinforcement has far higher mechanical strength ratings while being less dense than PEEK with glass fiber filling of 30%. Additionally, carbon fiber composites have better wear and friction qualities than glass fibers while being less abrasive in general.

Carbon fibers are also used to ensure a substantially higher level of heat conductivity, which is advantageous for extending the life of parts in sliding applications. Additionally, PEEK with carbon filler offers exceptional resistance to hydrolysis in steam and boiling water.

Because of its outstanding qualities, CF-PEEK is used in many of the most important sectors of general industry.

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Nuclear
  • Down hole oil well
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace

PEEK comes in the grade CF. Compared to the other PEEK versions, it has the lowest ductility and the highest strength. PEEK that has been reinforced with carbon fiber has greater compressive strength, stiffness, and load carrying ability. It increases the capacity to handle loads. In comparison to unreinforced PEEK, this material offers much better thermal conductivity, which lowers the rate of thermal expansion. It has the best mechanical properties retention of any semi-crystalline plastic and the highest level of chemical resistance.

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