Technical details: Polyether Imide (PEI) Ultem 1010 operates continuously up to 170 °C and is an amorphous, amber to translucent thermoplastic with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 217 °C. With UL94 V0 and 5VA ratings, this plastic is naturally flame resistant.

IEMAI 3D Printed PEI 1010

PEI 1010 is extremely strong and long-lasting. As previously indicated, its tensile strength ranges from 48 to 81 MPa. It is therefore frequently employed in the transportation sector. In fact, ULTEM is FDA compliant and has multiple aeronautical certifications.

Resistance to heat
Ultem is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 217°C for lengthy periods of time while maintaining its dimension stability.

Chemical resistance
When in touch with fluids used to service cars and airplanes as well as food-grade fats and oils, amorphous thermoplastics have a propensity to break.

IEMAI 3D Printed PEI 1010

Tensile strength (yield) of PEI 1010 is 64 MPa (XZ axis) and 42 MPa (ZX Axis). It features 2200 MPa and 2770 MPa (XZ Axis) tensile modules (ZX Axis). Is PEI 1010 resistant to heat and chemicals? Absolutely, of all FDM thermoplastics, PEI 1010 is renowned for offering the best heat and chemical resistance.

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