PC-CF filament is high-quality polycarbonate material that is reinforced with the carbon fiber, that features a very high strength to weight ratio.

IEMAI Printed PC-CF Parts

High tensile strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability are used as construction materials. The heat resistance of PC-CF filament is one of the greatest among 3D printing materials due to the glass transition temperature of 143C.

PC-CF, a material based on polycarbonate, exhibits exceptional toughness, strength, and heat resistance and achieved V0 performance in the UL94 flame retardancy test. This filament enables novel uses in the transportation, rail, and aerospace sectors.Because polycarbonate and carbon fiber are both hygroscopic, it is important to adhere to storage regulations.

IEMAI Printed PC-CF Parts

ezPC Polycarbonate, which is simple to print, is used to create PC+CF, which is then reinforced with premium high-modulus carbon fiber. This material has outstanding surface quality, high thermal conductivity, strength & stiffness, good dimensional stability, and excellent printability. Your new go-to place for engineering-grade components will be this.

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