Natureworks PLA and only the highest-quality recycled carbon fiber are used to create CF PLA. Practically all 3D printers can easily print this material. Ideal for usage when you require a material that is simple to print and has high strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, and surface polish.

Advantages of CF PLA:

  • Ideal for printing without a heated bed, no enclosure required
  • Even lower shrinkage and warping, improved by the carbon fiber reinforcement, this PLA prints great on practically any desktop 3D printer
  • Very low odor, perfect for 3D printing in home and office environments
  • Greatly increased stiffness, modulus, and dimensional stability
  • Made from plants, PLA is a renewable biopolymer
  • Gorgeous surface quality to make printed parts look beautiful

A fantastic biopolymer with recycled CF reinforced 3D printing filament is called CF PLA. produced entirely from recycled carbon fiber. Anyone looking for a structural component with high modulus, excellent surface quality, dimensional stability, light weight, and ease of printing will find this filament to be ideal.

For its extraordinary ease of printing, stiffness, and exceptionally high visual print quality, PLA is well-known. Both hobbyists and industrial engineers can use it for prototyping, concept models, and printed items for final usage.

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