IEMAI 3D Printed PLA

One of the most often used materials for desktop 3D printing is polylactic acid, sometimes known as PLA. Due to its low temperature printing capability and lack of heated printing bed requirements, it is the default filament of choice for the majority of extrusion-based 3D printers. Because it is simple to print, cheap, and produces parts that can be used for a variety of purposes, PLA is a great first material to use when learning about 3D printing. Additionally, it is one of the greenest filaments available right now.

Common Applications

  • Test and calibration items
  • Dimensionally accurate assemblies
  • Decorative Parts
  • Cosplay Props

Printing Recommendations for PLA:Using a fan that cools the 3D printed part from all directions is highly recommended. Many popular 3D printers have community-designed attachments that can be printed and retrofitted onto your machine to improve the cooling airflow.Increasing the number of perimeter outlines for your PLA prints will create a strong bond between each layer, creating stronger parts that are less prone to breaking.PLA is renewable and, more importantly, biodegradable because it is made from plants like corn and sugarcane. Additionally, this enables the plastic to emit a pleasant scent.

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