IEMAI 3D Printed CF-PC

Thermoplastic polycarbonate, which is incredibly robust and impact-resistant, is frequently utilized in industrial settings. Unlike plexiglass, this substance doesn’t break easily. It has a propensity to flex and deform until it breaks, much like hard rubber. PC is quite good at absorbing airborne moisture. It is advisable to store this hygroscopic material while not in use in an airtight container. If the material is in a humid environment while being used, it may become unprintable after 24 hours of printing. Therefore, it is best to preserve in an airtight container even while printing. Dry filament will produce clearer prints. Moisture-soaked filament will print white and pop and bubble as it is being printed.


  • High strength and heat resistance
  • Malleable while cold and can be bent without cracking
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Carbon Fiber filled for stronger prints

Hygroscopic means that PC+ and the carbon fiber fill will absorb moisture if exposed to a humid environment. If it occurs, you’ll notice strange artifacts or printing problems. To correct this, we advise dehydrating the roll in an oven or food dehydrator before printing.

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