High temperature thermoplastic polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) has exceptional impact resistance. It can endure many cycles in a steam autoclave and is resistant to hot water and steam. There are PPSU grades that are FDA-compliant.The processing spectrum into finished pieces is extremely diverse because of the characteristics of the PPSU material.

PPSU is widely uesd for:

  • Aircraft interior parts
  • Aircraft bezels
  • Instrument handles
  • Medical instrument components
  • Sterilization trays
  • Implant trials

Plastic made of polyphenylsulphone, often known as PPSU, is an amorphous substance having a high glass transition temperature and little moisture absorption. Although PPSU polymer is a member of the polysulphone family, it outperforms PSU and PES in terms of impact strength and chemical resistance. Furthermore, PPSU is more resistant to the sterilizing effects of superheated steam than other plastics in this polymer group. The PPSU material also offers resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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