Polyetheretherketone, or PEEK, is a high-performance semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic that exhibits exceptional tough chemical resistance, very little moisture absorption, strong fire performance, excellent mechanical strength across a wide temperature range, and good dimensional stability. PEEK’s exceptional qualities are a result of its crystalline structure.

All the benefits of the PEEK material are still present in PEEK parts made from PEEK forms:

● Can work constantly up to 260C
● Very high mechanical strength
● Good wear and abrasion resistance
● Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
● Excellent resistance to high energy radiation
● Inherent low flammability and low levels of smoke evolution during combustion

PEEK plastic is suitable for applications where thermal, chemical, and combustion qualities are crucial to performance because it is tough, strong, and stiff with exceptional creep resistance. For usage in challenging high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) settings, PEEK material maintains its stiffness and strength.

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