Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) comes in a variety of kinds and grades, some of which lend themselves to particular uses more readily than others. PEEK’s physical characteristics enable widespread application across almost all industries. A wide range of products, including bearings, piston parts, aircraft, medical prosthesis, and many more, contain components made from this highly machinable plastic.

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IEMAI Print PEEK Material

About PEEK we want you to know:

Suitability for use in steam or high-pressure situations at temperatures as high as 250°C (483°F) with maintaining stiffness,melting point of 649.4°F or 343°C.For improved sanitation and medical uses, autoclavable.High heat surroundings are safer thanks to their extremely low toxicity and gas emission when exposed to them.A good fit for ultra-high vacuum pumps.Very rigid and robust with great shatter resistance.

Tooling made of polished carbide, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), or diamond-film (PCD cutters are recommended when machining glass-filled PEEK).High resistance to a wide range of aquatic conditions, including seawater, solvents, hydrolysis, and chemicals.In concentrated acid solutions, such as those with high molarities of nitric and sulfuric acids, dissolves relatively slowly.Resistance to creep even in high temperatures

May be filled with glass or carbon fiber to provide it better physical qualities including wider thermal stability ranges and increased mechanical strength.Less absorption of moisture.A replacement for fluoropolymers that is high strength and well-suited for hostile conditions.Even in harsh settings and applications with high wear rates, durable, wear-resistant,and extraordinarily extended useful lifetimes.And able to withstand high-energy radiation and naturally flame-resistant.

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