One of the best-performing thermoplastics on the market is polyetherketoneketone (PEKK). They are able to meet the demands of even the most difficult tasks thanks to their special blend of mechanical strength and flexibility. Our PEKK filament is ideal for jobs that call for exposure to high temperatures because it has additional chemical resistances and low flammability characteristics.

When compared to other materials in its class, PEKK is a high-temperature polymer that provides an intriguing blend of remarkable qualities and printability. Due of the lower melting point, it may have slightly less heat resistance than PEEK, but it still has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance qualities. Due to its numerous similar applications (aerospace, automotive, biomedical, etc.) and slightly lower price, it is perfect for them.

Due to the chemistry of it, PEKK naturally absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, much like most polymer materials. Most polymers’ chains will break during extrusion when there is a lot of moisture present. You might observe a change in the viscosity and melt strength of the melted polymer when this occurs. Popping sounds made by the material when it is extruded are a clear indication that your filament is too wet because this is the result of the moisture in the material vaporizing. In order to avoid moisture absorption during transportation and storage, PEKK is packed in vacuum-sealed bags.

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