The most practical synthetic material is nylon, which finds usage in both daily life and several industries. It is a plastic that may be used to make amenities by molding it into everyday items or drawing it into fibers.Strong and semi-flexible nylon has a great resistance to impact and abrasion. It is the best option for printing strong pieces.

IEMAI Nylon Filament

The following are some typical characteristics of nylon 3D printing filament:

  • Nylon can be employed in applications subjected to difficult loading circumstances because of its outstanding flexibility and tenacity.
  • Since it resists abrasion well, nylon is frequently used for pulley sheaves.
  • Oils, gasoline, and organic solvents are not a problem for nylon.
  • When compared to conventional engineering plastics like ABS, nylon has exceptional impact resistance.

IEMAI 3D Nylon’s superior impact resistance, hardness, good resistance to organic substances like fuel and oil, and strong abrasion resistance are its key benefits for 3D printing. This article will cover the definition of nylon 3D printing, the components of nylon filament, its uses, and a comparison of nylon to other filaments.

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