IEMAI 3D Pellet Printer FAST-JET-1500 Printed

The most frequent procedure that comes to mind when discussing extrusion printing is FDM employing filaments. Yet there are other material forms as well. Since they reduce prices and allow for a wider variety of materials than filaments, pellets—the materials that are frequently used most for injection molding—are growing in popularity in 3D printing. IEMAI pellet 3D printers are either complete systems designed specifically for pellet 3D printing or add-ons that include a pellet extrusion head.

Because of the strong compatibility of consumables, the application of particle 3D printing is also relatively extensive.

  • Molds, such as mold insert prototypes, manufacturing of injection molding molds, prototype mold models, etc.;
  • Sculpture, such as rapid prototyping and manufacturing of statues in parks and scenic spots;
  • Insoles, shoe factories use 3D printing for product testing and verification;
  • Manufacture of jigs and fixtures;
  • Part prototypes, such as car steering wheels, lampshades, bumpers, gears, etc.;
  • Toy prototypes, such as airplane models, Lego, etc.;
  • Large and small home appliances, such as the drum of the juicer, the structural support and casing of the TV, etc.;
  • In the field of consumption, prototype design and production of beverage bottles, laundry detergent bottles, cosmetic bottles, packaging boxes, etc.;
  • Scientific research, particle 3D printing is suitable for different materials, which can be used for material performance testing by scientific research teams;

IEMAI 3D professionally solves the problem of large-scale particle printing.

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