PLA prints with carbon fiber reinforcement It is clear that carbon fiber PLA is more stiff and offers great layer adhesion and structural strength with less warpage. Due to the imbedded carbon, it has a lovely matte black surface with a subtle gloss.

The quick explanation is that this filament is more stiff than “stronger,” not stronger. Our Carbon Fiber PLA is the perfect material for frames, supports, shells, propellers, tools, practically anything not anticipated (or intended) to bend because the higher rigidity from the carbon fiber implies increased structural support but less flexibility. RC hobbyists and drone builders adore it in particular.

About the nozzle:

Our carbon fibers are treated to an ideal size that is both short enough to print in PLA without clogging nozzles and long enough to provide the extra stiffness that carbon fiber is known for. This filament is more abrasive than regular PLA at this length due to the chopped carbon fiber. Long-term use may cause your 3D printer, especially lower-end nozzles, to wear out more quickly.

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