IEMAI3D Printed PEI 9085

High resistance to heat. The heat deflection temperature of ULTEM 9085 is 167°C.

Naturally flame-resistant. approved and FST-compliant for use in aviation parts.Very high weight to strength ratio. Although it can be made lighter, ULTEM 9085 has an impact strength that is comparable to that of metal parts manufactured of aluminum.Chemical hardiness. able to withstand a variety of substances, including alcohols, automotive fluids, and aqueous solutions.

Due to its characteristics, ULTEM 9085 is perfect for automotive and aerospace applications, offering lightweight alternatives to metal and high-performance parts. The high strength-to-weight ratio of ULTEM 9085 must be its most significant characteristic. Because of how high this is for a plastic-based material, the aerospace and automobile industries are where it finds use. Applications for ULTEM 9085 can be found in settings where object strength is crucial yet object weight has a substantial impact on operating costs. Aircraft are a good example of this, as the weight of the aircraft directly relates to how much fuel is used.

Recommended printer settings

Extruder Temperature (all metal extruder necessary): 350 – 390°C
Print Bed Temperature: 130 – 160°C
Heated Enclosure: This is required, the printing of ULTEM performs best in a hot build environment
Printing speed: 20-30 mm/s

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