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Rapid Prototyping In Current World

In current world, the trend of every product is changing every few months, such as mobile phones, accessories and etcetera. However, it usually took a long time to design and build out the mould. When any issue happened, a new mould is required to be made, which is time consuming and waste of materials. With 3D printing, the factory could perform rapid prototyping in just few steps: Prototype, review, and re-prototype. 

In olden days, every prototype requires to send the new design to manufacture and produce out and made with substrative or moulding process. This process may take long days to wait and high costs as logistic and tooling also come into play. 

In order to speed up the process, technologies like 3D printing comes in place, it will remove the needs for tooling and can take the drawing straight from the file and brings to the real-life world. This reduces the waiting time, as the feedback can be immediately changed to a new design and print out again in few hours’ time. This technology allows the company to done in-house which allow one to complete serval cycles in the same day which is a far cry from the past which take weeks or even months. 

Overall, rapid prototyping allows factories to have their production line working in fast speed and will not stop due to problem in machinery. It reduces the time from factory to market thereby increase the profit earned and reduce the time spent on fixing the parts if any parts spoiled. Another benefit is that one can design different modelling Without the need of thinking whether the design is possible to be done. 

At IEMAI 3D, we provide large scale printer and large flow print head, allow manufacture to print large amount of parts at once and also print large scale prototype such as mannequin.

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