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Manufacture Is Changing

Manufacturing is a wide industry on earth, there are two main division which is mechanical and electronic. With the help of 3D printing, designer would not need to worry too much on the gap between idea and functional part. This improvement has allowed the downstream gain plenty of benefits throughout the manufacturing process, as it reduces the design cycles and enable more iteration, increase the sped in tooling development and etcetera. 

With 3D printing, it allows the factories to increase their supply chain mobility and being more flexible thereby reduces cost and waste. Factories no longer required to predict on customer demand and prepare stock for them; this will reduce the waste of materials or avoid shortage of materials. 

Using 3D printing, they are more flexible and able to print what they required on the spot; in few hours’ time they will get the parts done and replace onto the machines. 3D Printing also allows manufacture to print model more easily and productively. Since they can print a new model in few hours, the designers can do simple tweak to the design on the modelling software and print instantly. This greatly reduce the time and money rather then making a new mould every time. 

3D printer can also greatly reduce the error or mistake made during manufacturing, in traditional manufacturing it took a long time to fix the machine, and thus affecting the production line. However, using 3D printers the chances of machine break down is very low or very easy to repair. 

At IEMAI 3D, we have large-flow print head which allow you to produce large amount of parts at once and we do have detachable print head which allow you to replace immediately to avoid any time waste when print head is jammed.

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