IEMAI 3D Printed PC

A technical material with excellent tenacity, tensile strength, and heat resistance is polycarbonate (PC). However, printing is extremely difficult, making it best suited for experienced users.

Recommended nozzle temperature: 275 °C
Recommended bed temperature: 110 °C for the first layer, 115 °C for other layers

The best adhesion may be achieved using a glue stick and powder-coated TXT or satin sheet on a heatbed. It should be noted that although the powder-coated satin sheet functions flawlessly without a glue stick, using a separating layer is advised to prevent surface deterioration.

A class of polymers known as polycarbonates (PC) stand out for their tenacity, tensile strength, and temperature tolerance. They are employed outside of the field of 3D printing, such as in the production of CDs, safety goggles and shields, or automotive headlight coverings.

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