Applications:Education And Research 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Affects The Academic And Science

Additive manufacturing and education are a perfect match on a practical and strategic level. Nowadays, 3D printing is widely used in laboratory, many medical researchers are using 3D printers to research and verify the best substitute for implant. 3D printer is also used to print out the inner body of the patient to plan before the surgery starts and increase the successful rate. In aerospace industrial, designers can design more complex shapes to reduce the material wasted on parts and maintain the strength at the same time. Using 3D printing technology, the parts printed in relatively cheaper compare to the original prices. And it allow manufactures to eliminate all third-party suppliers and build an in-house factory to reduce the time spent on waiting for parts. 

Apart from research, 3D printings are also in education field.3D printing in today is widely used for academic especially in university, the student from engineering school can print out the model they draw using modelling software. In high school, 3D printings are used in various topic such as chemistry, math, and biology; this technology will allow the students to open their mind. Unlike most of the adults, they are already having their mind limited by the traditional method and unable to think of new idea, but the youngster did not.

Bringing technology to the classroom will open a door to the students, allowing them to know what technology current world is using. When 3D model on the computer comes to a real 3D model using 3D printer, this will encourage the students to start a teamwork, sharing their ideas, planning and design to print out complex and aesthetic model.

Many industrial and other field are using 3D printing. It is not limited by any stuff if you have a creative mind. Education used this technology to unlock a students’ hidden potential; if one has an idea or concept, he or she could bring out the idea and print it out.


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