Strong industrial grade filament made of carbon fiber-infused nylon prints well on the MAGIC-HT-PRO 3D printer. A item made using carbon fiber-infused filaments is more stiff and less likely to distort. Because the filament is abrasive, it is advised to use a hardened steel or stainless steel nozzle. Brass nozzles, however, also function well as long as you remember to or replace the nozzle after a few spools.

CF Nylon provides a number of advantages over regular nylon, including:

  • Decrease in warping when printing
  • Increase in the final part’s stiffness
  • Excellent outward appearance
  • In general, nylon is lighter than

The distinct surface texture of CF Nylon filament is excellent for disguising layer lines. To remove any support material, use a sharp blade and pliers.

While using “paint-on” supports, you can occasionally “unpaint” them in certain places to make removal even simpler. If you have substantial areas of support, try eliminating a single line to divide the support into two parts.

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