How 3D Printing Changes The Automotive Industrial

With the presence of 3D printing technology, engineers are able to create functional prototypes of various design and test the various structures, functions, and materials properties of these prototypes. This realized the rapid design iterations due to the shorten in time to create prototype for vehicle parts. Through 3D printing, one will be able to simplify production with fast-paced, in-house manufacturing on-demand and in full scale. Create tools like jigs and fixtures without any issue, third-party supply chain can be eliminated.

The right amount of spare parts in stock has become a major cost component of manufactures, and due to the shortened time to market, the life cycle of auto parts is shortened. Manufacture no longer required to keep in stock of different parts, they would only require in maintaining the digital storage of all spare parts and printed them when needed. This allowed the manufactures to provide longer term product support, thereby extending the product life cycle.

3D printing also significantly reduced the chances of information leak as all parts are manufactured in-site. It also reduces the materials and wastage produced during manufacture as 3D printing is printed out layer by layer which make used of every material in it. With the help of 3D printing, the designers are able to try out different design at once, it allows the designers to make changes to the design throughout the process of printing the model.

IEMAI 3D allow you to print out the most suitable parts in industrial grade at the fastest time. Unlike other printers, we do not only capable with our own materials but most of the materials on the market.  

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