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Customized Mannequin With 3D Printing

Nowadays, online shops had taken over the place of retail shop. However, based on research, shopper spend more money in-store than online; but the issue is how to attract shoppers to your shop to buy things. To deal with this, the customized mannequin comes by. The shop can design their own mannequin by using 3D printers, instead of those mass production mannequin, customized mannequin is better in expressing their brand and fashion design. This could increase the number of people visiting the store. However, the traditional methods for producing customize mannequins are expensive and time consuming which is impractical for most retail shop.

Therefore, 3D printer comes in, it overcome all the barrier in time and cost. By using 3D printer, the time spent on producing a customized mannequin from weeks reduces to days. And the cost also reduces in a great way.

Reduce assembly: The use of 3D printing technology can combine the models as much as possible during modelling, which reduces the need of bonding or mechanical fixing; this will minimize the needed of pre/post-processing to its greatest extend. The ability to manufacture large objects at once, can simplify the manufacturing process and save plenty of time.

Functional type: 3D printing technology provides the possibility of visualization, technicalization and rapid iteration of design. You can also control the material and make it to have different performances, for example rainbow colour, colour change when exposed to light or temperature change, shading/ Light and etcetera.

Expand creativity: larger models can express more details. For example, several artists have integrated 3D printing into their projects to produces over 20 feet long, make dinosaur sculptures with wonderful skin details, print full-size human busts, spaceship simulators and functional robots. The possibility for creating new project are endless.

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