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Innovation In Exhibitions

With the advance in 3D printing technologies, more and more industries started to apply 3D printing in their field, such as medical implant, automotive parts, aeroplane parts and etcetera. Apart from that, there are also large-scale industrial printer used to print mannequin or similar size. However, there are much larger size prototype can be printed. For example, Group Delphi holds a large format exhibition in a museum with all prototype printed by 3D printers.

In few years’ time, large-format 3D printers will become a new milestone. Artist will not need to take months to craft a prototype out. Large-format printer can print full scale real life object, whether it’s a car engine, man or even a dinosaur. 

For sculpture, 3D printing technology can provide a lot of convenience in the production of sculptures, and it has several advantages over traditional sculptures.

  1. Short iteration cycle and rapid prototyping
  2. The use of machine printing saves manpower and does not require manual reproduction
  3. More environmentally friendly, mostly using non-toxic, organic, low carbon, green and recyclable materials.
  4. Save materials, able to use superimposed methods to produce and reduce waste.
  5. Lesser pollution and will not generate a lot of dust or sculpture garbage like traditional sculptures;
  6. The size is more accurate, can be printed according to the required size, and its printing accuracy can be calculated in microns.
  7. The process is more simplified, only computer modelling is required or scan an existing object to print unlimitedly, and then print out and assemble.


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