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New Era For Construction

3D printer is commonly used in small parts for machines, few companies used it to for larger prototype. However, in some countries, 3D printing is used to build houses. It can used to create concrete structures in a quick and cost-efficiency manner and also with a significantly degree of design flexibility and no mould is required.

The large-scale 3D printer can be operated by two to three persons which greatly reduced the cost on labour and also reduces the degree of coordination required.

The traditional craftsmanship of new building decoration or old building renovation is very expensive and long-term. With the introduction of 3D printing, the construction industry has changed. 3D printing in buildings makes processes and projects more efficient and simplified.

Any repair work required careful planning, considering of the time and cost required. The printing speed is fast and cheap, which makes the planning of time and budget easier. The printing of large structure using 3D printing technology also allows them to save a lot of material cost. 3D printing is becoming a mainstream process and material prices are getting lower and lower.

The construction project must consider the safety of installing heavy decorations on the roof building. That is because they are located above the building, it is very dangerous if there are any problems. The weight of the 3D printed large structure is only a quarter of the original model.

The toughness and strength of new materials can also be guaranteed. Therefore, it is easy to adapt to the building structure and is safe for the project.

Traditional craft carving decorations requires high precision and will not leave any room for error. Through 3D printing in construction, high precision rendering can be achieved more easily and at lower cost.

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