The 3D HUB is 3D Printed Implants service provider in Bangladesh. They started offering 3D printed PEEK implants to patients in 2017.

The 3D HUB team is composed of several local neurosurgery professors and doctors with many years of clinical experience. Their joint venture shows their full confidence in the application of 3D printing technology in the medical field.

IEMAI and 3D HUB established a connection at the beginning of their research, and explored and tested whether 3D printed PEEK materials could be used in implantation schemes.

Figure | Bangladesh 3D HUB & IEMAI

The specialized hospital in Bangladesh uses IEMAI high temperature 3D printer: MAGIC-HT-PRO printed PEEK implants and completed the skull repair for patient Nazimuddin, attended by Dr. Jalal Uddin Muhammad Rumi (Associate Professor, National Bureau of Statistics, India).

Figure | install implant (1)

Figure | install implant (2)

For skull repair, each patient needs a personalized patch. Using CT digital reconstruction and 3D printing technology, suitable implants can be quickly formulated to meet the needs of patients. PEEK material has excellent mechanical properties and biocompatibility, and its elastic modulus is very close to that of human skeleton. PEEK material is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, which requires high temperature in the process of 3D printing. Therefore, the 3D HUB selects the IEMAI flagship high-temperature 3D printer MAGIC-HT-PRO.

The printing temperature of the MAGIC-HT-PRO can reach 500 ° C, the hot bed temperature can reach 200 ° C, and the chamber temperature can reach 120 ° C, which provides excellent temperature conditions for PEEK printing. The MAGIC-HT-PRO has a medium-large build volume of up to 310*310*410mm, dual printing head with independent lifting, filament absent warning, power failure recovery and automatic leveling, which provides functional guarantee for PEEK implant printing.

Figure | printing PEEK medical parts

Figure | MAGIC HT PRO product parameters

IEMAI 3D Brand Profile

Dongguan Imai Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in China focusing on 3D printing R&D and production. Its brand IEMAI 3D is a global industrial grade 3D printer brand, committed to provide users with the “All in one” 3D printing solution of multi material compatible issue. IEMAI 3D supports most of the thermoplastic materials in the 3D printing markets and assist the user to resolve the issue encounter during manufacturing, and all 3D printers and materials have achieved CE and ROHS certification. We attach great importance to brand building and have obtained trademarks certificates from China, United Sates and the European Union. We pursue core technology research and development, and have obtained software copyrights, invention patents, utility model patents, appearance design patents, and the title of national high-tech enterprise. At present, our 3D printing solutions have been applied to aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, medical and electronics manufacturing.

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