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    Clariant PETG ESD

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    • ModelPETG ESD
    • BrandClariant

    The instantaneous current between two charged objects can cause damage to sensitive parts such as electronic equipment, affect magnetic media and may cause fire
    To prevent this, electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety materials are commonly used to fix sensitive components.
    ESD materials are non-insulating polymers that actually conduct electricity

    Product introduction

    The sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects can cause harm to sensitive parts such as electronics, affect magnetic media and potentially cause fires. To protect against this, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe materials are often used to hold sensitive parts. ESD grade materials are polymers that are not insulating but actually conduct. Clariant provides a series of ESD safe materials that are based on unique fillers and optimized for material extrusion type printing. PET-G, PC+ABS, polycarbonate and polyamide based ESD options are available to address varied ESD safe needs such as ease of printing, higher impact strength and material flexibility.


    Strong and tough engineering thermoplastic

    Good impact strength

    Good chemical resistance

    Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation

    ESD safe


    Tools, jigs, fixtures

    Parts requiring ESD safety

    Color Range Standard:Natural (black)

    Printing parameters

    Print Temperature = 240-260°C
    Print Speed = 30-60 mm/s
    Bed Adhesion = a generous uniform layer of a PVP based glue, use of a commercial adhesion sheet or commercial bed adhesive
    Bed Temperature = ideally heated up to 70-80°C
    Fan Settings = medium to high


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