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The reasons for the popularity of PEEK materials in Aerospace

2018-08-29 10:59:03 IEMAI 3D Read

        Aeronautical engineers need a variety of lightweight materials that can be flexibly processed, reduced manufacturing costs and tolerated harsh environments. In more and more aviation applications, PEEK materials have successfully replaced metals, traditional composite materials and other plastics because of their strong, inert and combustion supporting characteristics, and easily processed into tolerable parts. PEEK  materials have been officially approved by several aircraft manufacturers, and also meet the requirements of MIL-P-46183 products for military standards.

3d printing PEEK in Aerospace

Important characteristics

Excellent high temperature resistance

- continuous use temperature (CUT) up to 260 C (500 degrees F)

Thermal deformation temperature (HDT)

Unfilled material at -160 C (320 degree F)

Carbon / glass fiber reinforced material at -310 C (590 degree F)

- after one year at 200 c (392 F), the tensile strength is no loss

Excellent fatigue resistance

Excellent wear resistance

Excellent chemical corrosion resistance

- chemical properties are very stable, anti erosion

- stability in jet fuel and hydraulic oil for a long time

Excellent resistance to hydrolysis

- long-term exposure to wet / hot conditions can also maintain stability

Excellent fireproof performance, smokeless, nontoxic

The flame retardancy of -1.5mm thick PEEK is UL94 V-0

- smoke and toxic gas emissions is very low, does not produce acid fume

Excellent electrical performance

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