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IEMAI 3D assists Muchuan to complete an artificial beak Replacement for a Chinese national first-level protected animal

2020-03-27 09:32:09 IEMAI 3D Printing Read

Recently, at the Sichuan Muchuan Zhuhuan Breeding Center, a male Zhuhuan was injured in a fierce battle for spouse, causing 8 cm of necrosis at the front of the lower beak.

After more than a month of careful preparation, on March 19, the world's first Zhuhuan 3D printed PEEK fake beak installation surgery was completed at Muchuan County People's Hospital.

IEMAI 3D Printing

After losing the lower beak, this Zhuhuan was unable to eat on his own, was unable to comb his feathers, and lost his former posture. Using 3D printing technology to make fake beaks for manual installation is the best solution to this problem.

IEMAI 3D Printing

The staff of the breeding center checked the information and found that a red-crowned crane in Nanjing Hongshan Forest Park had broken its beak due to a fight, and the breeder customized a "titanium alloy beak" for it. But compared to the red-crowned crane, Zhuhuan is smaller and cannot bear the weight of titanium alloy. The same volume of PEEK material weighs only a quarter of the titanium alloy, and the texture is closer to the bird's beak.

Because PEEK material has good biocompatibility, stress resistance and hydrolytic stability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, PEEK material was finally selected to print fake beaks.

IEMAI 3D Printing

With the assistance of the Sichuan Academy of Natural Resources Science, IEMAI 3D has established a close relationship with Muchuan Zhuhuan Breeding Center to communicate repeatedly. After 6 sample tests, on March 18, the 3D printed peek artificial beak was finally Reached Muchuan.

On March 19, Wan Fenglin, deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics, Muchuan County People's Hospital, with the assistance of several medical staff, performed artificial beak replacement surgery on this Zhuhuan.

IEMAI 3D Printing

After infiltrating anaesthetic, cleaning the wound, bonding the cross section, drilling and threading, polishing and adjusting ... After 50 minutes of tense surgery, this Zhuhuan slowly woke up, at this time it already has a new "beak".

This is the first time that the Muchuan People's Hospital has rescued Chinese national first-level protected animals. The difficulty in installing the artificial beak is that Zhuhuan has a thin fleshy membrane in the middle of the beak, which is covered with capillaries.

After receiving the demand, IEMAI 3D responded quickly and repeatedly communicated. It completed all the procedures from reverse, design, optimization, printing, and post-processing. After multiple iterations, it provided the most suitable fake beak model.

IEMAI 3D Printing

After surgery, IEMAI 3D adopted this Zhuhuan, whose name is "Maibao", which means that he's the darling baby of IEMAI 3D.

IEMAI 3D Printing

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